About the Library


The Broadway Campus Library is open M-F from 8:00 am until 10:00pm.
HealthAlliance staff should contact Security to access the Library at other times.

The Library is normally staffed:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10-2:30
Tuesday, Thursday 8:30-12:00

The Mary's Ave Campus Library is unstaffed but is open to staff for study. 
The Library is normally open 7:00am until 5:00pm.

HealthAlliance staff can sign out a key to the Library from the Main Information Desk for access at other times.


The Medical Library at the Broadway Campus is on the Main Floor near the Green elevator.

The Medical Library at the Mary's Avenue Campus  is located on One North.


Library Access- Physicians & Staff

All HealthAlliance hospital and medical staff are welcome to use the Medical Libraries or to contact the Librarian and take advantage of all available services.  Physicians and Staff have 24/7 access to the Libraries by presenting their HealthAlliance badge to the Switchboard or to any Security staff.

Print books and journals may be used in the libraries or borrowed by staff for a three-week period.  Signed cards from the books or notes should be left for the librarian for all items borrowed.

Electronic resources are available 24/7 via the Libraries' Web Page.  Contact the Librarian for logon information if accessing the Library Web Page from home or away from the hospital’s network.


Library Access- Community

Community members are welcome to use the Medical Library on the Broadway Campus to obtain up-to-date health information from reliable sources at no charge.  The Medical Librarian will assist with this service.

Community members may use the Library by appointment with the Medical Librarian.


Appropiate Use

The Library is designed as a professional space for personal research and study.  It can also by used for collaborative study and online learning.

Please remember that this is a “public” space and adjust your voice accordingly.

Food and drink are strictly prohibited near the computers and are strongly discouraged elsewhere in the Library.  If you must eat or drink in the library, please be neat and clean up after yourself.



We gladly accept monetary donations for collection development or technology.  Donations can be made by contacting the Benedictine Health Foundation at 845-334-3034 or The Kingston Hospital Foundation at 845-943-6013.

If donating books or journals, please check with the librarians first.  Thank you.